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Discover your professional destiny with India's best tarot card reader. I will help you build an actionable plan to explore professional opportunities, boost interview success rate, and evaluate business ideas through career tarot reading.

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Explore Career Opportunities

While having a multitude of options is a great advantage. Trough tarot cards I can assist you in making informed decisions regarding what career opportunities do you need to consider more closely.

Be Interview Ready

Ace your interviews by crafting compelling responses to mastering body language. With the power of tarot cards, I can hep you boost your confidence and equip you with the skills to make a lasting impression on potential employers.

Deal with Office Politics

Navigate the intricate landscape of office politics with tact and resilience. Learn to navigate interpersonal dynamics, build strategic alliances, and effectively manage conflicts for a harmonious and successful work environment.

Prepare for Appraisals and Promotions

Promotions and Appraisals can be tricky and sometimes even exploitative. Emphasizing your contributions is crucial, and I can help you craft a script that maximizes your chances for success.

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What are my clients saying?

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"Left my toxic job at just the right moment with a 40% salary increase"

I had been stuck in my job for more than 3 years, putting in a considerable amount of effort and time. Despite my dedication, my appraisals and promotions were significantly limited compared to peers who had joined the company a year before me. I could sense that my manager was taking my contributions for granted.

After a session with Lavanya, she not only helped me become aware of this situation but also assisted me in identifying when and where my next opportunity would arise. Within 2 months of working with Lavanya, I secured a job with a 40% salary increase at one of the leading clothing brands in India."

- Shaurya

Got a job after 8 months of sabbatical

I had taken a sabbatical to prepare for an exam, which I unfortunately couldn't clear. When I tried to go back to work, I was informed that I am not longer needed, leaving me with an 8 months gap in my profile.

Desperate and Unable to land interviews during this crazy recession, I found Lavanya. She helped me understand that my desperation and circumstances are playing a crucial deterrent in my job search. I then worked on my mental peace and within 2 months, I landed a job with a slight increase in my salary.

PS - I would have settled for less, but Lavanya told me that I could negotiate a better salary. Which actually worked! You should definitely get a career tarot reading from lavanya.

- Kartik

Why Career Tarot with Lavanya?

Attain Professional Nirvana

Securing your dream job goes beyond past and present experience. Factors like interview performance, resume quality, confidence, and others are pivotal. I can help you recognize these aspects and guide you in enhancing them.

Go Above & Beyond Your Job

Professional experiences extend beyond tasks. Relationships with peers, bosses, or clients are pivotal in your career. Through career tarot reading, I can assist you in identifying individuals who are key advantages or disadvantages to your professional growth.

Make Decisions, Avoid Disaster

Through career tarot reading, my goal is to help you gain an idea of the professional challenges that await you in the future, enabling you to avoid career disasters and make confident decisions.

tarotwithlavanya best tarot card reader in india
tarotwithlavanya best tarot card reader in india

Career Tarot Reading FAQs

most asked questions

1) How career tarot reading will benefit you?

As someone who could not work for two years after college and has witnessed the impact of job insecurity on both family dynamics and an individual's mental well-being, I understand what you or your loved ones might be feeling right now. Through career tarot readings, I can assist you in focusing on the aspects that truly matter. Often, we lose sight of the necessary steps to overcome a job crunch or navigate toxic work conditions, becoming preoccupied with aspects that may or may not be beneficial. Additionally, I have successfully aided over 100 professionals in finding their stride, whether it involves revitalizing a stagnant career or making a transition to a new industry or role.

2) What does career tarot card reading reveal to me?

Here's a comprehensive list of what all a career tarot reading can reveal to you:

1. Overall Energy:

- The cards may reveal the overall energy surrounding your career at the moment.

- Positive cards suggest a favorable or harmonious phase, while negative cards might indicate challenges or conflicts.

2. Current Situation:

- Specific cards may represent your current work environment or the challenges you are facing.

- Look for symbols that resonate with your experiences, such as cards related to stability, growth, or obstacles.

3. Strengths and Weaknesses:

- Tarot can highlight your strengths that you can leverage in your career.

- It may also point out areas where you need to be cautious or work on self-improvement.

4. Opportunities and Challenges:

- Certain cards may symbolize upcoming opportunities in your professional life.

- Conversely, be aware of cards indicating potential challenges or obstacles that may arise.

5. Career Path or Direction:

- The cards may provide guidance on the potential direction your career could take.

- Look for cards that suggest growth, change, or a new beginning in your professional journey.

6. Relationships at Work:

- Tarot cards may reflect your relationships with colleagues, superiors, or subordinates.

- Pay attention to cards related to collaboration, communication, or conflicts in the workplace.

7. Personal Development:

- Some cards may suggest personal development or skills that could benefit your career.

- Consider the advice offered by the cards for self-improvement and growth.

8. Timing:

- While tarot isn't precise with timelines, certain cards may allude to the timing of significant career events.

- Use this information as a general guide rather than a specific prediction.

9. Cautionary Messages:

- Tarot cards can sometimes serve as warnings or reminders to be mindful of certain aspects of your career.

- Take note of any cards that may indicate potential pitfalls or issues to avoid.

10. Final Outcome:

- Some readings may offer insights into the potential outcome of your career path.

- Keep in mind that your actions and decisions can influence the final outcome.

3) Can career tarot help me decide what career opportunities do I need to consider?

Short answer - Yes, but It depends.

Long answer - Having options is great, but with those options come a lot of confusion and variables that you may or may not be considering. Quantitative factors like salary, position, and brand name often take a higher priority than qualitative metrics like - work life balance, work-culture, bosses attitude, and more.

As a reliable tarot card reader, I always try to tell you the complete picture with both quantitative and qualitative aspects in mind. But, beyond that, the final choice is your.

4) What are some questions to ask in a Career Daily Reading?

Short answer - any and every career related question can be asked, but there are four questions that you must ask for a complete understanding of your career.

  1. What is my current career challenge?

  2. What can I do to advance in my career?

  3. What are the future career obstacles I should be aware of?

  4. And, what opportunities am I ignoring that are stagnating my career?

Finally, anyone who is looking to verify what other tarot card reader has said to you - He/She should not consult another tarot card reader.

5) The Three Most Feared Cards In a Career Tarot Reading

In a career Tarot reading, three cards often evoke fear and uncertainty:

1. Five of Pentacles: In context of career tarot reading, Five of Pentacles symbolizes financial struggles and hardship, this card may indicate challenges in the workplace or financial setbacks. It encourages resilience and resourcefulness.

2. The Tower: In context of career tarot reading, The Tower represents sudden upheaval, job loss, or significant changes, The Tower can be alarming. However, it signifies a necessary transformation and the potential for rebuilding.

3. Ten of Swords: In context of career tarot reading, Ten of swords is often associated with an abrupt end or a difficult situation, this card suggests the need to let go of outdated career aspects. It signifies a fresh beginning after overcoming challenges.

Remember, for more accurate tarot predictions it is better that you consult a professional tarot card reader online.

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