Hi, I'm Tarot Lavanya, ranked among the best tarot card readers in India. I can help you understand the past, present, and future of your life and guide you toward the tomorrow you desire and deserve.

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Career & Finance Tarot Reading

I will help you build an actionable plan to explore professional opportunities, boost interview success rate, and evaluate business ideas through career tarot reading.

Family and Friendship Tarot Reading

This friends and family tarot reading will help you focus on and identify the dynamics within your most important relationships. It will also shed light on current situations, potential challenges, and even potential remedies.

Personal & Spiritual Growth Tarot Reading

We will delve into the current state of your well-being, material, and immaterial security, providing insights to help you navigate your path forward. We'll also discuss the generic pitfalls and opportunities that life throws your way.

Relationship Tarot Reading

I will help you find the clarity to navigate through the ups and downs of relationships, assess prospects, and deal with difficult matters of the heart using relationship tarot.


Love, Life, Career, and every thing in between

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What are my clients saying?

Everything turned out to be true

As a non-believer, I took a tarot card reading with Lavanya thinking it was just one of those things. I was initially confused and not convinced about tarot or clairvoyance. But 10 minutes into the phone call, rather even before that, I could feel a shift in my energy. Believe me when I say there was nothing made up about anything in the reading, not even guesswork. All her predictions unfolded in a couple of days, and all that she revealed to me about my past came out to be true. She truly is the best tarot card reader in India

- Swadha G.

tarotwithlavanya customer testimonials
tarotwithlavanya customer testimonials
She Was Inside My Mind

I was one of the persons who never understood the concept behind Tarot card reading, but Lavanya explained the meaning and purpose behind it. Lavanya's readings are so accurate; it's like she is inside my mind and knows exactly how I am feeling.

Her readings helped me follow a direction I knew in my subconscious mind but didn't follow. It helped me choose what is right for me; I think that is one of the most important things for an individual. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels lost amid a chaotic lifestyle and get alternatives and press the refresh button. May God bless her.

- Shrishti V.

most reviewed tarot card reader in india
most reviewed tarot card reader in india
best tarot card reader in india reviews
best tarot card reader in india reviews
Dodged A Bullet

I was consulting my friend about a possible relationship but had my doubts. My friend asked me to get a tarot card reading from Lavanya. Even though I was not ready for what she told me, I was amazed when everything she said came true. She really helped me dodge a bullet by telling me what would happen - which actually did happen! Lavanya is a top tarot card reader because her tarot readings have been quite accurate.

- Abhinav S.

Ratings and Recognition

3000+ 5-Star Reviews

Tarot With Lavanya has garnered over 3000+ 5-Start reviews and was among the top 100 highest-rated tarot readers on a leading tarot-reading platform in India.

Full Disclosure- We have not revealed the name due to copyright issues since Tarot Lavanya is not associated with the said tarot reading platform anymore.

Ranked among top-20 tarot reading blogs by Feedspot

Tarot With Lavanya was ranked among the top-20 tarot related platforms by Feedspot (a famous reviewing and ranking platform). Moreover, TWL also boasts a perfect 5-start record on neutral reviewing platforms such as google reviews.

PS - This is not a sponsored ranking/post

Why Lavanya?

Make Decisions, Avoid Disaster

A wrong decision can set you back in life, be it personal or professional. I can help you make the right decisions that can transform your future.

Non-Judgemental and Empathetic

Tarot Reading can be an extremely personal experience, and I aim to make my clients feel comfortable sharing even the most intimate details affecting their life.

Straightforward.Accurate. Actionable

My goal is to give you a clear picture of what you seek to know. Learning the truth will set you free and help you avoid getting blindsided by circumstances.

tarotwithlavanya best tarot card reader in india
tarotwithlavanya best tarot card reader in india

Tarot Reading FAQs

1) How can Tarot Reading help me?

As someone who sought or took over 100 tarot readings before pursuing tarot reading as a career, I realized that along with the accuracy of tarot reading, it is also the way a good tarot reader handled me as a client that brought me back to them again and again.

There is a thin yet significant difference between tarot readers who just answer questions and tarot readers who understand you and try to help you as per how you are.

I, as a tarot reader, try to help my clients see things better, even if that means dropping truth bombs or giving them a tough pill to swallow. At the end, all I can guarantee is that I will always have your best interests in mind.

2) Can Tarot Reading help with my Mental Health?

In my experience, tarot card reading can definitely help you find the roadmap to get over your mental or personal problems because, most of the time, it is your energy and mindset that play a crucial role in whether you can get over or get stuck in your current situation.

In my professional tarot reading experience, I have helped people struggling with mental health issues due to career struggles, toxic relationships, unsupportive friends and family, and more.

However, It would be really arrogant to say that tarot reading is the perfect substitute to a mental health professional or seeking therapy to get over trauma or something similar.

3) Why Should I Consult with Tarot Readers Online?

Short answer - It depends.

Long answer - One thing I have realized is that when you opt for "tarot readings near me", you more or less limit yourself to the variety and options available in your vicinity. Moreover, finding a tarot reader online, even in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, is extremely challenging because most tarot card readers transition from other forms of astrology to tarot card reading.

So, if you are specifically seeking highly skilled tarot card readers, it's possible that they may not be conveniently located near you. Therefore, if accuracy and a conducive environment for sharing your thoughts are crucial factors for you, then online tarot reading might be the best option.

4) Who Should Consult Tarot?

Anyone who has burning questions BUT is also willing to work on those challenges should get a tarot consultation

To be precise, you can consult a tarot card reader for the following purposes (not exhaustive):

  1. Career Tarot Reading - Job Interview Preparation, Appraisal Discussion, and anything career related

  2. Relationship Tarot Reading - Love, Marriage, Divorce, Exes and more

  3. Family and Relative Tarot Reading

  4. Friendship Tarot Reading

Finally, anyone who is looking to verify what other tarot card reader has said to you - He/She should not consult another tarot card reader.

5) Is Tarot Reading Renowned?

Tarot reading is not an Indian form of clairvoyancy, but it has been a tremendously famous tool to understand your past, present, and future in West. Now, even in India, tarot reading is picking up pace, and I can see that Millennials and Gen Z are going to take make tarot reading main-stream in India.

Moreover, across the globe there are multiple cultural phenomenon who believed in Tarot Reading including John Lennon, James Wan, and you can find a whole tarot quest in Cyberpunk 2077 (a world-renowned video game).

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