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Friendship Tarot | Understanding the Reasons Behind Strained Friendships

Friendship is probably the only aspect of our lives that does not come with the burden of expectations, responsibilities, and standards. However, the way human beings work, we cannot help but bring these aspects to our friendships as well.

The result?

We feel the same pain of losing a loved one but without any accountability, which only makes it worse. From losing touch for longer periods to being distanced out of nowhere, falling out of friendships can be a heart-wrenching experience.

In this friendship tarot post, my aim is to help you identify why you are struggling to make or stay friends with other people and how you can work on these issues to enjoy a more fulfilling relationship with your friends.

Select your card

For an accurate career tarot reading, you need to calm your mind. Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

NoteThis is a general reading and might not be personalized to your situation. For a personalized reading, click here

Find your message

Choice 1 – Four Of Swords (Reversed)

This card shows that your worries and fears are making it hard for you to continue maintaining strong relationships.

This could be the result of personal fears that have gotten the best of you to the point that you have practically given up hope of having a long-lasting, healthy friendship.

Chronic stress and anxiety, if not treated early on, may wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. You may experience moodiness and indecision.

Putting too much on your plate, fighting to handle it all, feeling exhausted, refusing to rest, and feeling guilty for not meeting expectations can all have a negative impact on your self-esteem and self-worth.

Advice: Instead of ignoring the problems, look for healthy strategies to deal with and eliminate your triggers. You can’t afford to neglect yourself when self-love is such an important element of understanding how to love another person.

Choice 2 – Five Of Wands (Reversed)

This card denotes fear of confrontation, nervousness, suppressing one’s temper, and feeling intimidated.

Either you have extreme aggression and a short fuse, or you avoid conflict by fleeing the situation as quickly as possible.

This could result in a number of dilemmas within you that you will need to address sooner rather than later.

If you avoid uncomfortable conversations to avoid fights, your friends may lose trust in you, making things hard for you.

Advice: Be open and honest in all of your relationships. You might notice that misunderstandings are dissolving. When you learn to say what you think in a clear and honest way, arguments that used to happen may stop.

Choice 3 – Two Of Cups (Reversed)

This card represents disagreements. Being yourself will help your friendships more than pretending to be the same as your friends in order to fit in with their different styles.

The card also represents a falling out or being in an unequal, one-sided friendship or a sense of a lack of equality or mutual respect. You tend to depend too much on your friends, which can lead to resentment or fights.

You may be preventing yourself from developing new friendships or relationships because you are afraid of continuously guarding yourself. This could lead to a significant distance between you and others. Your fear of vulnerability may cause you to appear uncomfortable.

Advice: Don’t be afraid to fully let go of your previous wounds and mistakes in order to truly appreciate the present. You may need to put yourself back in balance by dealing with your emotions, problems, or ego. This will automatically put all of your relationships back into balance.

How long is this message valid?

Career-related challenges are something you are bound to face in any phase of your life, and if you have landed on this article in the pursuit of bettering your career, then you can consider your chosen option as a valid message. However, please ensure that you are going through the process and are not selecting options after reading the cards or selecting cards based on your preferences since that would result in a forced message, which is always invalid.

Is this message personalized?

Only on a broad level, this reading will resonate with you. For detailed reading, write to me at tarotwithlavanya@gmail.com or message me on WhatsApp here.

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